Strategic cooperation

Syntron is a biopharmaceutical company with fully independent intellectual properties dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative drugs, as well as clinical research and commercialization worldwide.


Our company mainly focused on developing small-molecule immune check point inhibitors, antiviral inhibitors and diabetes complications treatment. With the enrichment of product pipelines and the exploration of combination therapy, our innovation areas are expected to expand to more types of drug development.

Syntron is seeking strategic cooperation partners in the following areas:


Development of highly innovative or differentiated antitumor drugs, and other products with high clinical needs in China or globally.

First-in-class potential projects in oncology or other areas with high clinical needs, highly innovative and cutting-edge technology platforms or projects.


Transfer or joint development of some products of Syntron.

Combination therapy with our tumor immunotherapy products.


For more cooperation information, please Contact us.

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